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We strive to empower individuals, small businesses, and nonprofits in Southern Colorado Springs by providing valuable insights and resources. Our aim is to foster growth, resilience, and long-term stability within our community.

Public Assistance: Stay informed about the latest updates on public assistance programs tailored to support individuals and families in need. From government initiatives to local community resources, we bring you actionable information to navigate financial challenges and access vital support services.

Small Business Opportunities: Discover opportunities to thrive and expand your small business in Southern Colorado Springs. Whether it's funding opportunities, networking events, or entrepreneurial workshops, we keep you informed about avenues to enhance your business growth and success.

Nonprofit Opportunities: For nonprofit organizations dedicated to making a difference in our community, we curate valuable resources and opportunities to strengthen your impact and sustainability. From grant opportunities to capacity-building programs, we provide the tools and knowledge to support your mission-driven initiatives.

In each edition, expect fresh insights, practical tips, and relevant updates to help you achieve financial resilience and contribute to the economic vitality of Southern Colorado Springs. Join us in building a stronger, more sustainable future for all.

Public Assistance

Small Business Funding Opportunities

Nonprofit Funding Opportunities-

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