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Community Champion: One Body ENT

Join us in exploring the inspiring work of One Body Ent, an organization dedicated to uplifting the Southside of Colorado Springs. From fostering positive change among gang members to organizing impactful community events, One Body Ent is making a difference. One Body Ent is the driving force behind the Juneteenth Festival, a celebration of freedom and unity, and the Black History Program, honoring heritage and culture. They also bring joy to the community with "Christmas in K Land," spreading holiday cheer. Beyond events, One Body Ent fulfills the critical needs of community members. Discover how this organization is transforming lives and building a stronger, more connected community. Subscribe to our channel to stay updated on inspiring stories of change and community empowerment. Together, let's celebrate the extraordinary efforts of One Body Ent in Southside Colorado Springs! #CommunityImpact #OneBodyEnt #SouthsideCOSprings

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